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The changes in a woman's life are dominated by hormones, which are secreted from the gonads. Hormones deficiency can lead to facial aging and wrinkles, obesity, premature menopause, irregular menstruation, infertility, dry secretions, frigidity, and aging. A decrease in hormones is the first sign of aging, as well as a signal for us to take care of our gonads. Stimulating the gonads, connected to the uterus and overies by the veins, can restore the secretion of hormones.

BUST BOOSTER DHEA youth hormones, combined with breast massaging, can activate the gonads, secrete and balance youth hormones and estrus, which effectively soothes nerves, increases sensitivity, overcome frigidity, delay menopause, and prevent aging.



  • Safe—imported from France, the only breast enhancement product approved in China.
  • Breast-strengthening—Unblock lymphs and breast glands using 30 different kinds of plant essence, can be used for breast and body lymphatic area to accelerate detoxification and lighten pigment.
  • Breast enhancement—unique Thai purple sweet potato can gathering free fat to plump and uplift breasts.
  • Gonad anti-aging—DHEA youth hormone stimulates the swelling of the spongy tissues, improves breast sensitivity, and restores the youthful state of the gonads.
  • Breast reshaping—professional French breast reshaping techniques to stimulate breast cell growth and regain the charm of perky breasts.