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Cleanses away impurities to awaken skin youthful glow

All skin types Face and Eyes

This mild cleanser with anti-oxidants perfectly removes makeup and impurities. Formulated with a pH 5.5, it protects natural pH balance and skin’s moisture for a pleasant sensation of softness and optimum comfort. It reduces dark pigmentation promoting a beautiful radiant complexion. Day after day , skin awakens looking clean, bright and more translucent.


Removes dirt and makeup without irritating the skin
Increases radiance and brightens the complexion
Softens and soothes sensitive skin
Prevents skin aging
Active Ingredients

Selenium: Powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging
Vitamin E: Powerful anti-oxidant
Essential mineral Complex: Protective, Repairing and Moisturizing
Ginseng Extract: Toning and Soothing
How to use

For Makeup removal: Apply directly the cleanser onto face and neck Gently massage, then tissue off For Cleansing: Mix the cleanser with water and apply the mixture on face Gently massage in circular motions to give a thorough cleansing Repeat if necessary, then rinse off. Apply morning and night.

Your Cleansing Program Treasure

1st Step: Cleanse your face with the Anti-Oxidant Whitening Treatment Cleanser

2nd Step: Tone with the Magic Drop Serum

3rd Step: Exfoliate with the Golden Ion Cleansing Powder or the Silky Touch Mask

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