Sudatonic is a natural slimming treatment specifically designed to dramatically attack cellulite, fats stored in skin cells and excess water through a process of sweating that eliminates toxins. This fast-acting slimming solution contributes to weight loss, detoxify the body, reduce cellulite, firm and reshape the entire body. The body is thinner, healthier and reshaped. Cellulite is greatly reduced.


Made in France, it is designed with space material concept and is light and close.

The revolutionary three-section electric heating blanket covers the chest, abdomen and feet, achieving the effect of “wrap body”.

Stimulate cell and tissue reactions by thermomagnetic frequency, and activate the automatic constant temperature function (43 degrees Celsius) to ensure uniform heat output, so that heat can penetrate into every inch of the body more effectively, so that the health ketone can exert optimal performance and promote circulation in the body. Unblock the meridians and lymph, so that the organs return to normal function, tenderize the body age, and achieve detoxification health effects.



  • Health care
  • Detoxification
  • Promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism
  • Shaping body lines
  • Relieve common problems