LRB Paris was celebrating the beginning of the festive season with an amazing Pre-Christmas Glow Party.
Beauty bloggers could have enjoyed the Magic of Christmas with youthful glow Essence and beautiful Christmas gifts they have customized during a creative Do-It -Yourself activity.

The Youthful Glow Essence has aroused attention among our guests who could have seen the extraordinary lifting power of the Essence.

Called the “Magic Hi-Fu”, the Youthful Glow Essence is the perfect gift of Beauty for the bloggers to celebrate Christmas time with a perfect V-shaped face contour with family and friends.

LRB Paris was honored to welcome the famous DJ Ruth who stated to the bloggers that LRB Paris products were part of her skincare routine and highly recommended to the bloggers to use it.

Thank you for all the beauty bloggers for celebrating with LRB Paris the power of youth.


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