Last 15th July 2017, LRB Paris celebrates its 20th Anniversary with great pomp and flair.
To mark its 20th Anniversary, LRB Paris invited the most influential Beauty Bloggers of Hong Kong celebrating the recognition of LRB Paris as a Skin health Pioneer.

In presence of the President and founder Peggy LEE and the Managing Director John CHAN, the French and colorful Bloom Party was in a full swing with prestigious and special guests and friends of LRB Paris such as the Gorgeous Miss Hong Kong and incredible actress Sharon LUK, the great Hong Kong TV Host and Artist Derek WONG and the President (CEO) of Slim Beauty Group Fanny TSE.

Beauty bloggers could discover the full range of LRB Paris products and enjoy the interesting sharing from Sharon Luk with her daily use of LRB Paris products. Derek Wong entertained all the beauty bloggers with a very exciting Q&A game and they could also enjoy exciting lucky wheel, photo booth, twist tongue and a creative Do-It -Yourself activity.

Thank you to all the beauty bloggers and our guests to have share this unforgettable 20th Anniversary with LRB Paris


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