The Group’s Executive Management consists of the following members

Message from the executive management :

LRB Paris strives to be at the forefront of the skin care industry:

Our fundamentals to drive us towards Beauty, Wellness  and Health :

  • Compatible for physiological processes and synchronized with biological rhythms
  • Fast and accurate results
  • Comprehensive range of series suitable for all skin types and and body types.
  • Professional  trainings to add value on top of quality products

Since 1997, we have been working restlessly by constantly challenging ourselves with better results. Each year, we launch new products or series to perfect our scope of skin & body care solutions; at the same time, quality and functionality of older products do not go out-of-fashion that some of them remain the best sellers since the launch. This concludes the reason why LRB Paris is named ‘The Future Cosmetology’.

Our international teams are based in Paris and Hong Kong who are a passionate group to welcome you to the world of cosmeceutical.

Prof. Dominique REDUREAU

Technical Director, LRB Paris

Executive Management Members:



Mr. Dominique REDUREAU, Technical Director

Mr. Raymond WEICK, Director

Mr. Serge THIVIN, General Manager

Hong Kong-

Ms. Peggy LEE, President

Mr. John CHAN, Managing Director