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Sylvia Well Natural Slimming Sweetener

Detoxes and Slims



Sylvia Well is a natural sweetener made of natural Stevia, whose sweetness power is 300 times higher than sugar. This patented formula helps to slim down, detox, and prevents the accumulation of fats in the body.

Sylvia Well won a silver medal award from the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva, Switzerland in 2010. The key ingredients are recognized by the European Food Safety Authority and FDA.

Product highlights
 100% natural plant extract
 0 fat
 Reduces the calories in foods and beverages
 Detoxes the body
 Removes excess fat from the body
 Destocks the fats
 Slims down
 Targets and flattens the stomach
 100% safe
 No side effects
 Suitable for diabetics

Active Ingredients
 Stevia: Natural sweetener derived from plant that contains no fat
 Chicory Roots: Helps to excrete fat naturally from body and heals stomach and belly
 Patent Formula (SHF): Detoxifies and maintains good health

How to use
Add 2-3 spoonful of Sylvia Well in beverages or foods. Do not exceed 35 g per day. Use it 3 4times a day. Recommend to intake 2 hours before or after medication.